I am a twenty-four year old half Italian and half Mexican girl currently based in Aberdeen, Scotland.
A set of themes that have always been present in my practice are: language, translation and meaningless sentences. Even if these themes have been constant, the materials that I use have changed. Initially, I was mostly interested in creating videos. However, over the last two years, my work has become more three-dimensional as well as more physical. At present, I am mainly doing printmaking and working with concrete. I try to incorporate printmaking techniques into the concrete and vice versa. 


                               Latest exhibitions

2020 RSA New Contemporaries, Edinburgh (UK)

2019 Grampian Hospital  Art Trust, Aberdeen (UK)

2019 Staff Outing, Look Again, Aberdeen (UK)

2019 Gray's degree show, Aberdeen (UK)

2018 Paysage, Chilhac (FR)

2018 ESACM, Clermont Ferrand (FR)

2017 MISK, Aberdeen Business School, Aberdeen (UK)

2017 Delve into the Deen, Underdog, Aberdeen (UK)

2017 All The Young Grays, Aberdeen (UK)

2015 Questa volta metti in scena... te stesso, Trieste (IT)

2015 Maravee Corpus, castello di susans, Majano (IT) 


2015 Mettiamoci all'opera, Galleria Medusa, Capodistria (SLO)





                     Workshops and Residencies 


2019 Graduate in residence, Gray's school of Art Aberdeen (UK) 


2018 Tolne Gjæstgivergaard (DK)


2018 Nordic Culture Camp,Nykøbing Mors (DK)


2018 Workshop with Alain Domagala, Clermont Ferrand (FR)

2018 Workshop with Maxime Lamarche, Chilhac (FR) 


2019 RSA New Contemporary

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