The love speech

June 2019

Concrete, video, scrim, gravel, paint, sound and motors

This installation consists of three parts that relate to the act of speaking: sculpture (lungs),
video projection (the larynx with its two vocal cords) and a sound wall (throat, nose, mouth, and sinuses). The works also share the same starting point which is a collection of vocal messages that my partner has sent me since the start of our relationship. 
This installation could be seen as an exploration of speech through my relationship. 

wall detail
sculpture detail
floor detail

Perdu dans la traduction

March 2018

Metal, video and sound

 This project was created during my Erasmus period in France. The starting point for this project were the first five words that I did not understand during a French Lecture. Those five words were first translated into sound waves that later became a sculpture.  The sculpture was accompanied by a sound piece in which was possible to hear those five words. As the sounds continues the words gradually became more confusing

Lost in Translation

April 2017

Video, metal , sugar lift aquatints, cd, and sound. 

The starting point for this project was the sentence "Equivalence that is the end of every translation". Within the project I collaborated with my partner and two deaf people. The sentence was translated in Sign Language and from there sugar lifts prints, sound, a video and some metal boxes generated. During most of the processes I was interested in the movement of the five words that created the sentence. 

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