ABC of the wall 

November 2017

 Casted paper, cement

I asked  people that I care about to send me a sentence/ short poem that they like. After doing that I randomly selected one. Each word was then translated from its original language to English. By doing so, the sentence lost its meaning. I casted the new sentence to give the words a physical weight.

Chapbook project

November 2017

 Artist book.Handmade paper, screen prints and cement.

I used one of the poems of the project ABC of the wall as underlying theme. The poem that  got selected through a random selection is Someone asked me what home was by E.E. Cummings.

I created a chapbook for each sentence of this poem. Every single word was represented by an image. All the covers combined create the image of a house. I focused on the tactile sensations and on the function of text as image.

Metal construction

February 2017

Metal and Arduino

My theme during this project was translation. The sculpture had hidden motors that were programmed through the Arduino. Every time that a viewer entered the space the sculpture activated itself and the motors started to rattle and create noise.
Translation of movement (of the viewers) into vibrations (motors) into sound. 

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