September 2019

Video projection on scrim 

This video installation is a continuation of a previous work that I made called "The love speech." Both pieces share the same starting point, which is a collection of vocal messages that my partner has sent me since the start of our relationship. 

The title of the piece "Syrinx" refers to the vocal organ of birds. Birds can be seen projected onto the pieces of scrim that hang from the ceiling. 

Staff Outing Exhibition_F2C9645.jpg
Staff Outing Exhibition_F2C9646.jpg
Staff Outing Exhibition_F2C9647.jpg

W as in four

November 2018

Multichannel video

My theme for this multichannel video was "codes" It shows a faceless person walking with a box in her/his hand. Through this video I wanted the viewer to wonder “Who is the person? What is inside of the box? Why is the person carrying a box?" As the video progresses these questions start to appear. Maybe the code will be solved at the end. 

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